This had me annoyed, irritated, ashamed!

A guy asks if he should refund a buyer – many days AFTER his refund guarantee expires – because the widow of the buyer wrote to say her husband died and she couldn’t use the product.

Someone else advises him to do it – after confirming the death is true… by asking to see a copy of the death certificate for proof!

A third person is offended at a suggestion that’s so insensitive.

A fourth argues that business is not charity, and a refund is not legally binding on the seller.

A debate erupts over who is ‘right’ and who is ‘wrong’.

And along the way, the human element is forgotten.

Or at least ignored.

The rationale…

It’s ‘Just Business’

Oh, really?

So if it’s ‘just business’, it’s OK to ignore the HUMAN niceties?

Bottom-line profit is the ONLY determinant of an action to be taken, a decision made, a choice offered?

Anything else is ‘stupid’?

What do you think?

Speaking for myself, I’m appalled anyone would argue in favor of ANYTHING because it is ‘Just Business’.

Business, the way I see it, is done between PERSON and PERSON. As people, human beings, we treat each other
with respect, consideration, care about others.

And a business founded on such grounds cannot help but be successful in the long term.

It’s ‘Just Business’ – but there are PEOPLE – REAL people – involved.

As buyers. As donors. As beneficiaries.

And that gives my business PURPOSE. Meaning. Values.

Anything else would be a shameful waste of time and opportunity.

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