by Ness Garcia

Online marketing and social media go hand in hand nowadays, so it is important to understand the best ways to run an effective and successful campaign. More and more people are using automated ways to get their social media strategies finished up, but is it costing them traffic? Let’s take a look at how much automation is safe in social media strategies.

Content Posts throughout All Networks

The most popular automated part of social media is the software that allows you to post to any website you want with the click of a button. While this might seem really smart to do, it can also end up hurting you if you have different audiences in each social network. If one website audience has a different demographic profile than the audience at other sites you post to, they might not appreciate the content you automatically send them. So be careful. Whether or not using automated content posts will be beneficial for you, is not a simple issue. Some campaigns can use this automation and be highly successful with it, while other campaigns could get ruined by using it.

Auto Messaging

Automatic messaging is another popular automated service. It lets you talk to people when a certain action is taken. For example, when someone starts to follow you, your profile can automatically trigger and tell them thanks for the following. Automatic messages can be triggered in various ways, but in the end, the result will be a message sent.
Using only automated messages can give a really bad impression to customers, especially if you have a small business and don’t have thousands of people to respond to every day. It may give the impression that you don’t care about what your audience is concerned about or are lazy, so be cautious if you set up a automatic response.
On the flip side, automated responses can work out really well for you if you have a large enough company where people can understand that it might take some time to get a personal response from you. Then using these automatic messages might even give people a good impression of your company. Whether or not you will benefit is can only be decided by experimentation, but you should make sure not to have everything as na automatic message because too much will definitely backfire.

Curated Content or Scraping

Copying someone else’s content for your own benefit on your website can be a very bad idea. You might get punished by search engines and, in any event, it looks bad for your company. On the other hand, you could quote parts of their content and then give your own thoughts and ideas about the topic, but you will always need to document where you got it from and link back to the original content.
There are several programs available that automate this process, but you need to be watchful about the results. If completely automated, they can pick bad content, and use it poorly. Using these heavily automated programs can reduce the effectiveness of your social media campaign and can even end up hurting your overall business. If you need to curate content, be sure not to automate it.

Automatic Following and Removal

It can take up so much time trying to keep up with all of the different people that are following you or you want to follow, so there are services that will do all of that for you. For example, it is common to just follow everyone that is following you, so instead of doing all of that manually, you can have the program do it for you. Not only that, but you will be able to un-follow people after a certain amount of time, increasing the people that are following you, but then having a small amount of people that you are following.
There are many tools that help automate the process of following people on several social media platforms. But use caution when using such a tool/ One that gives you control over your “follow backs” is preferable over one that is completely automated. Some social media sites now offer special profiles for businesses so they don’t even need to accept or decline friend requests. This makes it much easier to manage your social media presence.
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