Keith Lynch has spent the nearly 2 years creating a new webinar platform he calls IMNow Webinar System. It’s the latest webinar platform and one that is specifically oriented for marketing presentations.

Lynch describes it as “the Technology of GoToWebinar, the community and built-in traffic of the Warrior Forum and JVZoo. And the “Hyper-Viral” power of YouTube. All in one place.”

According to Lynch, “IMNow Webinar System is the first—and only—live streaming and webinar community for Internet Marketers.”

Webinars have become an indispensable part of the marketer’s toolbox of the future. This new tool offers live, interactive presentations designed for IM.

■ GoToWebinar serves fairly well as a webinar platform, but its cost is high, and there are limitations on how many participants can attend.
■ Google Hangouts are free, but they too have limitations that an interfere with your marketing.

IMNow Webinar System is an affordable webinar platform with rock-solid technology that is filled with monetization features to take your business up a notch.

And it’s a fraction of the price of GoToWebinar.

Here are some of the benefits it offers marketers:
• Record your webinar and then replay it as an encore
• Three-click broadcasting so you can be on the air in under 2 minutes
• Broadcast from your iPad, iPhone or Android; a PC works welll, but isn’t required
• Creates a listing in the “upcoming events” announcements, to bring in more traffic for you
• Includes an intuitive real-time chat window so you can answer audience questions. Use it even on re-broadcasts.
• Lets you exclude obnoxious participants from the chat window
• Lets you offer pay-per-view webinars or series of webinars. No need to refer people to a sales website.
• Adds your logo, your picture or your product piture to your webinars as a clickable watermark
• 1-Click upload of your webinar to YouTube
• Built-in video editing for recorded webinars

There are a lot more ways this system can help your webinar marketing.

There’s a limited time sale underway here: IMNow Webinar System.

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