The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads May Not Come Until This Summer”.

Todd Wasserman says, “If you’re dreading the launch of auto-play video ads in your Facebook News Feed, here’s some good news: Facebook is taking its time rolling them out. They may not appear in your feed until as late as this summer, sources say.

Three people familiar with Facebook’s plans say the launch could come as early as late March or as late as early summer. Facebook is tinkering with the ad product and still reviewing tests with the Lionsgate film Divergent. That film was the only advertiser to use the ad unit when Facebook officially announced it in December. The company is also making sure the ad unit is robust enough to handle demand and provide quality analytics about how the ads perform, according to sources“.

Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads May Not Come Until This Summer

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