Vine is a free app for iPhone, iPod Touch and a host of Android devices. It has grown explosively, and now it’s the way most people share videos with their friends.

With Vine, people string together 6-second clips (usually funny) into a longer video called a vine. The videos people create with Vine tend to go viral because Vine users are really loyal and even fanatical. Wherever there are fanatical fans, there’s an opportunity for marketers.

Six Second Blaster by Romanian marketer Vlad M. is designed to help you take advantage of this Vine craze, making your own videos go viral.

Imagine how long it takes to find 40 or 50 useful videos and edit them together into a 20-25 minute video. With Six Second Blaster, time won’t be a barrier any more.

With this new software, you can:
• Create Vine compilations on the fly
• Download hundreds of videos with push-button ease
• Search 4 sources to get your vine videos
• Prefix every compilation you make with a preview
• Track your stats on the Vines you make

In short, with Six Second Blaster, Vine becomes a business tool, not just a hobbyist plaything.

How does this make you money? Here’s one way. Create your video around a theme, with many people talking about a problem, for example,and with the last 2 or 3 clips showing your product as a solution.

Or create a humorous complication that just has commercials scattered through it. Or use your own imagination and create marketing Vines no one else has thought of.

This power tool that makes Vine-making easy is available here: Six Second Blaster.

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