This is the last part of the 4-phase live webinars success formula. As a reminder:

Phase 1 of a successful webinar is Preparation. In this phase you choose the best medium to use to present your information and the webinar software you’ll use to present it most effectively.

Phase 2 is Promotion. Remember that the right registration process can mean better participation by the people most interested in the topic.

Phase 3 was the actual Presentation. The key take-away is that viewer engagement increases when they are involved through polls and Q & A chats.

Phase 4 of a successful webinar – actually profiting from your engagement with your attendees.

There are three ways to profit from all of your hard work promoting and presenting the content; profiting before, during, or after.

For example, you can earn a profit before your live webinar even begins by charging for registration.

Another way to profit before the webinar is through “pre-event training”. On the the registration confirmation page, you can offer a low-cost related product with a headline such as “want a head-start on the training? Get the quick start guide.”

Profiting during the webinar is the place most people think of first for making a profit. During the webinar, you can make a sales presentation. Give the link to your product purchase on the screen and in the webinar chat area.

(By the way, the new WebinarJam software by Mike Filksaime and Andy Jenkins does even more. You can embed a picture of your product and buying link right in the webinar window.)

And what about profiting after the webinar? When it’s over, use the autoreponder system to promote webinar replays to continue to monetize your work. Send a notice about the replay to everyone who registered for the seminar, whether they attended it live or not. Even those who attended may need to hear the message a second time before buying.

But that’s not all you should do. Add promotions for related products to your autoresponder series. If you’ve given a webinar on paper training your dog, for example, you can follow up with products on leash training, agility, or tricks. You can promote branded dog items, too. In fact, your post-webinar opportunities for profit are so many, they are limited only by your imagination.

This four step plan, outlined in these four articles, is a proven profit producing webinar blueprint.

Andy Jenkins and Mike Mike Filsaime created WebinarJam because of their frustration with the other webinar software in the marketplace. Not only were the other solutions quite expensive; they weren’t really designed to help a direct marketer. You could make a presentation, but you couldn’t take orders very easily.

Besides handling the four steps we have outlined, WebinarJam also:

• Allows you to schedule your webinar immediately or in the future,

• Notifies your registrants that the webinar is starting, opens the webinar room and starts the recording

• Supports an unlimited number of webinars in your portfolio, and for each you can have an unlimited number of attendees.

• Lets you have as many presenters and administrators as you need. Thus, you can easily have several people on camera for interviews, while other members of your team monitor the chat room, change the graphics, or set up a new poll.

• Integrates easily with your site using a simple embed code; there’s no need for complicated design or coding. And no need for your customers to leave your website to attend. This way, you can brand yourself, not a webinar company.

• Gives you social plugins, attendee metrics, revenue figures and much much more.

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