Yesterday’s article discussed the importance of preparing for your webinar . Choose the elements of your presentation, a slide presentation or webcam view (or both), and also select the tech platform you want to use. We recommended Google Hangouts as the platform.

Phase 2 of running a successful live webinar is Promotion, letting people know about the webinar and getting them to attend.

Now, if you have a mailing list, you could send your entire list an invitation to your live webinar and hope for the best. But there are added things you can do to maximize your profits. For example, you willl want them to register for your event before attending. That way you can keep track of individual intentions and actual carry-through.

Attendees usually just enter their name and email address on a registration form you send them to.

Requiring registration for your webinar accomplishes three things.

1. It allows you send announcement and reminder emails to the attendees. Reminding them improves attendance. You might not want to bother everyone on your list with these types of reminders if they haven’t expressed interest in the webinar. Registration separates the interested from the uninterested.

2. When an attendee registers you can place them on an autoresponder series that’s designed to provide them with more information about the topic of the webinar. That way, you can build up an image of your expertise in their minds so they will be more likely to attend. Some Webinar software even allows you to create separate sub-lists based on whether the person attended the live event, listened to the replay, or missed altogether.

3. Registration lets you to grow your mailing list. People can share your announcements when they think highly enough of you to register. Also, when they see your social media postings or receive your email announcements, they forward them on to their friends who may also be interested. Getting those friends onto your list, through the registration process, builds your list. This is the power of word of mouth marketing, even online.

For several months Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins have been working on a new system that brings these viral elements to Google Hangouts. Their solution is called WebinarJam. It’s worth checking out.

If you need a webinar system that allows list segmentation, plus pre-webinar and post-webinar autoresponder sequences, and even supports webinar registration just by clicking a link, check out their new software hereWebinarJam.

P.S. Do you know what the most powerful component of a live webinar presentation is? Check back tomorrow to find out.

In the meantime, check out Filsaime and Jenkins in their video training here: WebinarJam.

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