The latest article on HubSpot blog is titled “Social Media Shafted in This Year’s Holiday Spending?”.

Eric Phillips says, “For a few years now, social media has been the darling of ecommerce. Experts for inbound marketing suggest a well-rounded marketing plan that doesn’t include social is bound to fail. Reports regularly share how Pinterest and Facebook convert visitors to customers, or how Twitter builds a brand audience. So, what does it mean when the latest reports say social had no bearing on holiday sales?

Biggest Ecommerce Year Yet

This year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest on record, with 70 million people spending over $10 billion. This adds up to an 18% increase over last year’s Cyber Monday sales. Many of those making purchases did so over the entire Thanksgiving holiday, even on Turkey Day itself. One-third of the purchases made were on mobile devices, with 48% of shoppers buying on Thanksgiving“.

Social Media Shafted in This Year’s Holiday Spending?


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