When we think of Amazon marketing, we normally think of building an affiliate website (typically with WordPress, these days.) But it isn’t actually necessary. There are other ways to take advantage of the powerful Amazon selling machine.

Amazon Money Manual shows you how to sell products on Amazon without a website or worrying about building a mailing list.

He says it shows you “the easiest way to sell products online without your own website” and says it is “a sure way to get thousands and thousands of visitors to buy your products.”

In this approach, you are not selling Amazon’s products for them; Amazon is selling your products for you. If done right, this can be much more profitable than the affiliate business.

In this comprehensive, nuts-and-bolts manual for the Amazon system, you will find:
■ The different selling models you can use to build an Amazon affiliate business. For example, “Fulfillment by Amazon.”
■ How to set up your Amazon business quickly and easily
■ How to find the products that will sell quickly and earn the most profit for you
■ How to find specialized companies that will do the nitty-gritty work of dealing with your customers, handling shipping and returns
■ How to price your products for maximum profit
■ How to master product promotion so eager buyers find your products and buy them
■ Many other key ingredients to a successful Amazon business

If you want to reap the benefits of selling physical products for a tens of dollars in profit, without the technical issues of websites and mailing list management, then Amazon Money Manual can get you stated on the right foot.

This manual is not cheap, but buyers report that it’s good. Get all the facts about this new manual here: Amazon Money Manual.

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