The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Merging Massive Data Sets”.

Claudia Perlich says, “You have a hot date lined up and your eyes are set on the perfect little black dress (LBD) to buy from a local store. Just one small caveat — it’s a bit pricey and not really in your budget. Now, you have a few options: beg your mom to chip in, bite the bullet and live off of bread until your next paycheck, try finding the dress discounted online, or hope that the dress goes on sale before your date.

For these options, there are a number of relevant pieces of data: the store’s current price for the dress, the availability and current price of the dress online, the expected date of an upcoming sale, the date of your next paycheck, the chances of you getting a bonus next week, and your mom’s willingness to subsidize you“.

Merging Massive Data Sets

Marketing Land

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