The latest article on HubSpot blog is titled “2014: A Year of Self-Doubt for Marketers”.

Erik Devaney says, “I know, I know — “a year of self-doubt” sounds like a bit of a downer. But chin up! I have no intention of ruining your New Year with stress-inducing hypotheticals and criticisms.

This “self-doubt” prediction — which appears in our new guide, “Marketing Prediction Hits and Misses” — is all about using feelings of uncertainty to your advantage. Doubt, after all, is a driving force of innovation.

When Copernicus (and later, Galileo) doubted that the sun revolved around the earth, they ended up revolutionizing how we think about the universe. Einstein would cause a similar revolution after he had doubts about the whole space-and-time-being-universally-absolute thing“.

2014: A Year of Self-Doubt for Marketers


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