Troy White has released the ‘2014 Cash Flow Calendar’. The 2014 Cash Flow Calendar has been RE-designed to be incredibly easy and inexpensive for you to use.

Troy says, “No matter what type of business you are in, or how long you have been in business, I guarantee you will walk away from this with the tools that you can use immediately in your business and can earn you an additional $5,000 in profits (that can be per month or per year, depending on how seriously you take this tool)

    • Copy and paste promotional ideas for the entire year
    • Social Media Friendly and Ready To Use
    • Daily, weekly and monthly themes for your marketing campaigns
    • Uniquely position yourself and your business as a ‘fun’ company
    • Unusual ways to get your past clients back to buy again
    • 1,500+ promotional ideas included
    • Be the FUN company that others look forward to hearing from
    • Creates cash flow surges in your business
    • Wacky templates for making an impact when you launch a new product or service
    • 1-2-3 formulas for maximizing the return you get on your marketing dollars
    • The Creativity Connection Fast Track Guide to blockbuster ideas you can use”.

Troy White’s ‘2014 Cash Flow Calendar’

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