There’s one thing you can say about the Warrior Forum: just like IM NewsWatch, it is visited by a lot of online marketers. That makes it a good place to sell products that marketers would be interested in. And the best place on the Forum to do that is in the Warrior Special offer (WSO) section.

You may have been reluctant to test this marketplace, but Bill Hugall says it’s a fertile field for reaping rewards from marketing training. He has done it, he says, and it works.

Now, in The Simple WSO Payday., Hugall shows you a way that even a beginner can create and sell a winning WSO product.

In this training, he is giving you a “rinse and repeat success blueprint” that pulls real leads and puts dollars in your pocket

He is giving you his own strategy for a successful WSO, including powerful tweaks so you avoid all the common WSO mistakes that many people make

This training isn’t limited to selling. He shows you how to create far more powerful WSO ideas than you can ever implement.

This is a step-by-step blueprint for his process for releasing WSOs. He says that with his training, you can release WSOs like a guru.

The Simple WSO Paydayis for people who have WSOs that aren’t selling well and also for those who never created a WSO, but want to create them.

What is your niche? If it’s gardening, health or golf, you probably won’t sell many on the Warrior Forum, but if it is internet marketing, see what Hugall has to offer here: The Simple WSO Payday.

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