The latest article on  ‘Marketing Land’ is titled “Top 11 Email Marketing Columns For 2013”.

Pamela Parker says, “What were the hot topics of discussion in email marketing in 2013? Video, social media, and responsive design were fairly new on the radar, while our perennial favorite topics of calls-to-action, landing pages and testing remained important tactics worth exploring further

Following, you’ll find the top 11 columns — this is our content contributed by expert practitioners of email marketing — published in 2013, as measured by pageviews on Google Analytics. We think you’ll find them worth a look (or a second look) as you formulate your email marketing plans for 2014. Many thanks to the contributors you see listed below — and those you don’t — for making Marketing Land’s content so valuable to our readers!“.

Top 11 Email Marketing Columns For 2013

Marketing Land

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