Once in a while we learn about tragic events in our world that tug at our hearts. The destruction in the Philippine islands from Typhoon Haiyan, even though geographically distant from most of us, hits close to home. It could have been our families that were killed, maimed or rendered homeless.

Some concerned marketeers have developed a plan to assist in the recovery from this devastation. They have organized a huge sale of marketing training, software and mentoring, and they pledge to give all proceeds to relief efforts in the Philippines.

They have explained their plan at : http://www.internetmarketersunite.com/. Over 100 offers are included, an amazing array of help for your business. And the authors and creators of these products are donating them to this relief effort. These products have sold (and on other websites, still sell) for thousands of dollars, but for 2 more days, in this relief effort, you can get the whole package for a contribution of $37.

There are higher contribution levels, with additional products as a gift to you in response. IM NewsWatch contributed at a higher level. Maybe you would like to do the same.

This is truly a case when you can do well while doing good. Open your heart to the children of the Philippines. Share in this relief effort here: http://www.internetmarketersunite.com/. The world will be a betterplace, and your marketing knowledge will benefit as well.

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