Backlink Commando is live. It is software that automates your backlinks to over 20 high value sites that can convey a sense of authority to your site.

Backlinks are still critical to your site’s authority in the eyes of Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are three principles of good backlinking:
1. The better reputation the backlinking sites have, the more value they have for your authority.
2. The more backlinks you have, the higher your authority
3. The more variety in your backlinks, the more value they have

The links created by Backlink Commando win on all three counts. It gets you a lot of links, links on big-reputation sites, and links on a variety of sites (registries, social media, bookmarking sites, directories, etc.)

Sean Donahoe has built this software for any marketer needing to boost their site’s position in the search engines, even beginners. And he includes several bonuses to enhance its value.

In addition, if you buy from the IM NewsWatch link, we have arranged additional bonuses to improve your results even more. See them all here: IM NewsWatch Bonuses.

If your site needs a little boost to get it earning more, check out Donahoe’s sale here: Backlink Commando

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