Silverpop has released a free ebook titled “Gmail Tabs: Impact on Email Marketing and Strategies to Respond”.

The Silverpop team says, “Since Google launched its new Gmail Tabs functionality in May 2013, much of the marketing world has been grabbing at quick-fix tactics unlikely to provide the desired short- or long-term results as new email inbox changes arise. Download our white paper and get a three-stage Gmail Tabs marketing plan designed to help you thrive in the age of Gmail Tabs – and beyond. You’ll learn:

  • What the data says about how Gmail Tabs is impacting marketing
  • How to best deploy Tabs-related tactics for maximum results
  • Which fundamental long-term changes to make to your email program
  • How you can track progress on building a Gmail Tabs strategy using our checklist”.

Silverpop’s ‘Gmail Tabs: Impact on Email Marketing and Strategies to Respond’ eBook

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