Mobile apps, whether for Google Android or for Apple iPad and iPhone, are big sellers.. And when they are built well, they have long shelf life, so you can sell them for a long time to come, which provides you with a passive income stream.

If you only had a simple way to create mobile apps, you could create them one after another and profit from all of them for years.

Bob Beckett has created Mobile Cash Formula to show you how to create apps and make them available for Android systems and Apple systems all at the same time.

He is so confident of his training that he says, “Mobile Cash Formula will teach you everything you need to know to get your first app done today.”

And he says, you don’t have to be a tech guru to do it. Following his methods, he reports, is enough to get you started in this lucrative niche today, even if you are brand new.

In this training, he shows you:
1. The exact resources you need to research the perfect app in as little as 5 minutes
2. The exact free tools you need to create these mobile apps by simply dragging and dropping a few components where you want them
3. How to submit these apps to the app store so you can go on to the next app while this one starts bringing in passive income.

Beckett and his partner, Jonny Mulroy, have been using these very tools and techniques to bring in big incomes from their apps, and they are now sharing what they have learned with us.

This can create a long-term business for you and it’s now available for the introductory price of $27 here: Mobile Cash Formula

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