John Chow’s latest blog post is titled “Dot Com Lunch – Free Lunch Friday Is Back Edition”.

Chow says, “In addition to hosting the weekly Dot Com Lunch, we also host a monthly event callFree Lunch Friday. Happening on the last Friday of the month, Free Lunch Friday is just that – a free lunch for starving entrepreneurs trying to get rich.

Free Lunch Friday was put on hold due to lack of sponsorship. We were not sure when, or if, it would ever return. Well, I’m happen to say that Free Lunch Friday is back! Not only does it offer a free lunch, but we have free beer too! Unlike the average lunch, Free Lunch Friday last from 12:00 noon to 3:00PM. Now, that’s what I call a dot com lunch! Hopefully, you won’t have to go back to the office afterwards”.

Dot Com Lunch – Free Lunch Friday Is Back Edition

John Chow’s Blog

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