You may have heard of Empire Avenue (, a social media site that is especially valuable for marketers. It can be a hub, where you enhance the value of your other social accounts. And you can build relationships with other marketers.

Its idea is taken from the “empire building tycoons” of the late 1800s and early 1900s. You build a virtual empire that advances your business.

On Empire Avenue, you monetize your social activity with a currency you can use to have fellow marketers and business owners perform social activities to promote your products, services, posts & profiles on Facebook, Google+ and elsewhere. Your empire (consisting of your social connections and prominence) is measured in your “stock” value. The more friends, followers and activity you have, the the higher your stock value and the farther your reach will extend.

Richard Key saw the potential of Empire Avenue early on and has been working with it, and finding ways to take advantage of its power to improve your marketing success.

After completing his research, Key created Empire Social Investor, software that can make your Empire Avenue account far more valuable.

With Key’s software help you can increase your social authority on Empire Avenue, which can increase your business’s profits.

On Empire Avenue, your goal is to “invest” in people as they join. Empire Social Investor adds new users to your investments. It also removes them when their value is trending downward. This consistent action creates a steady income stream for you. And it builds as you acquire more shares in winning stocks and liquidate the downward trending stocks, and do it all on auto pilot..

Using this “set it and forget it” software, you can:
• Acquire Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & GPlus Profiles
• Effortlessly increase your “stock portfolio” by adding a constant stream of new arrivals whose stock value quickly doubles
• Dump under performing stocks by trend and dividend payout.
• Use your created wealth to increase your social signals, gain followers, views, comments and more.

All these feature add up to Auto Pilot Social Networking.

There are 3 licenses available for this automation software: monthly, yearly and lifetime. Now, for the next week you can use this coupon when you check out: WARE-BVET-PIRE and you will get a 40% discount on the license you choose.

Check out this new automation software to make Empire Avenue effortless: Empire Social Investor

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