Matt Bacak buys a lot of solo ads, ($six figures per year) and has done so for years. (He has mailed up to 4.1 million emails a day for over a year.) He has carefully tracked which ad sources work and which don’t. Now he has released Solo Ad Black Book, so you can profit from his mistakes and his learning.

In this new resource, Bacak has rated 141+ solo ad sources that he has tried. Using them, you can get from 50 to many thousands of visitors to any site you choose, and do it in a day or two.

When you send a solo ad, you are sending your marketing message to another marketer’s mailing list. These are people who have opted in and are interested in the subject that marketer talks about. So if you choose the list carefully, you get your message in front of people who are prime candidates for your product or service.

Solo Ad Black Book helps you find the best lists available for your product. You don’t want to waste money mailing to lists that aren’t very responsive.

As one buyer said, “With Matt’s ‘rated and graded’ system you no longer have to worry about whether a Solo Ad provider is going to deliver for you or not, or what quality the traffic is. Matt has already tested them for you with his own money and now he is going to share that data with you for pennies.”

Along with this e-book, Bacak is including a recording of a boot camp presentation he did that he calls, “Solo Ad Profits.”

Although the price is rising, if you hurry, you can still get it for about $14 here: Solo Ad Black Book

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