Google is more discriminating when they look at backlinks now. Having a lot of backlinks from junky, spammy sites doesn’t convey as much authority as just a few high-quality sites. With superior backlinks, your place in the rankings naturally rises.

Nick and Monica Cooper have announced WP Link Booster, to help you get the backlinks that will really count toward your rankings.

This new WordPrress plugin raises the prestige of all your backlinks, by:
• Pinging your backlinks until they are indexed
• Creating RSS feeds of your backlinks and submitting them to top RSS feed aggregators
• Submitting your backlinks to top social sites, such as, Diigo, Friendfeed, etc.
• Submitting your backlinks to high authority Web 2.0 sites like,,, etc.
• Doing these in ways that avoid being banned by the sites

You get complete reports after it has done its work, so you can keep track of your progress.

Boost your search engine visibility by boosting your backlinks. You can get the whole story and get your copy here: WP Link Booster

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