I.M. Press Release Generator, the longest-running WSO in history, gets better in the newest version, just released.

Press releases have been a staple of marketing for the last hundred years or more. Reporters need story ideas (and now, so do bloggers.) If you have interesting news related to your niche, share it in a press release. There’s no telling the ripple-effect you will benefit from.

Since 2008, for internet marketers, I.M. Press Release Generator has been the de facto king of press release generation.

The new version makes it quick and easy to create and distribute your press releases. It comes with 35 built-in templates for different types of press releases. Pick the best one for your need, and fill in your details, then push a button, and you are done.

Press releases are one of the top free ways to get traffic to your site. You should be creating them, and making sure they get read, which requires broad distribution. I.M. Press Release Generator includes distribution to up to 31 sites. Choose the ones that fit with your niche.

I.M. Press Release Generator lets you do four important things with your press release:
• Engage your audience in a 2-way conversation
• Deliver content that is useful, helpful and, at the same time, entertaining
• Optimize your content for human readers, without damaging your search engine credibility
• Get more undivided attention from more people in your niche.

Search engines, such as Google, trust press releases and rank them highly, so your own credibility should increase as you consistently put out releases.

By the way, if you work with local businesses, press releases work great for them, too. So you can create a press release service with this tool.

Publicity works better than advertising, and its free. Get the scoop on this new publicity tool here: I.M. Press Release Generator

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