Oz has been selling Ant Metamorphosis for 3 days now, and online marketers are intrigued by his premise: this software and the tactics that he uses with it shot him to the top (the number 2 spot, worldwide) of Google in 3 weeks, and he was selling a $500 product, so this was a competitive niche.)

In fact, in these 3 days, he has sold over 1000 copies of this system. It’s not expensive, but still that is a lot of sales in 3 days.

IM NewsWatch has a bonus for you, now, that you can have to sample the power in this new training. With Oz’s permission, we have extracted one technique from this training and are making it available for download (without needing to opt in) even before you purchase.

It’s called the Cinderella Backlinks technique and you can download it here: Cinderella Backlinks Report

That report is just the tip of the iceberg. What is Ant Metamorphosis?
• A simple system that is easily mastered in under an hour that will improve your site’s ranking
• It gets more traffic, coming sooner, when you implement these techniques
• It comes with Ant Morphinator software to assist in your implementation
• Along with the software and guide, there’s a master class led by Oz, showing you how he implements his process
• As a Bonus, you get WP Blazing Speed, training on how to improve your WP site’s performance

Besides all this, you will get a clearer picture of what no longer works, so you can stop wasting time doing it

And to top it all off, IM NewsWatch has arranged 5 additional bonuses when you buy through our link (get them where you get the main product):
1. Content Maximizer: To rank on Page One of Google, you’ll need unique content. With Content Maximizer you’ll be able to turn one seed article into hundreds of unique articles.
2. Power Indexer: One of the techniques that Oz teaches is Tiered Notification technique. The Power Indexer will help you implement this very powerful technique.
3. Simple Traffic Strategies: Never depend only on Google for Traffic. This bonus reveals the simplest ways to generate additional traffic.
4. Simple Sales System: So you are on Page One of Google, and you are getting a horde of targeted traffic… now it’s time to convert your traffic into sales. This bonus will get you started on the right path of setting up a simple & effective sales system
5. Simple Niche Profits: More Traffic = More Sales = More Profits.The first two (Traffic and Sales) are handled by Ant Metamorphosis, and now it’s time to cover Profit.

If you want to win favor from Google, check out this new training and software here: Ant Metamorphosis

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