Oz is releasing his newest SEO creation today, Ant Metamorphosis. It’s the latest in his series of Ant products.

Oz reports that with minimal content on his site, using the Ant Metamorphosis techniques, he was able to rank his site on Google’s Page 1 with only 2 backlinks.

The good news is that his techniques are so simple that he says anyone can learn to do them in 37 minutes. It’s not a giant complicated process.

With the changes in Google algorithms, for many important keywords your domain name isn’t as important as it once was, but your content is more important than ever. Marketers who recognize this, and act on it, are going places.

Furthermore, many backlinking strategies no longer work. Some backlinks continue to have value, but many do not. You are wasting your time and money if you pursue the wrong kind.

Ant Metamorphosis shows you which backlinks to get now and which to ignore. Go for quality; ignore quantity.

When you use backlinks the new way that Google wants them, your rankings will rise, according to Oz. And your site will be considered an authority site.

Using this approach, Oz was able to rise to number 1 is a highly competitive computer niche, as well as a competitive furniture niche, an attorney niche and a car niche. This isn’t some technique that only applies in narrow circumstances. It applies broadly.

Now, he has assembled a four-part package to get you into the higher ranks of websites:
1. The Blueprint for transforming your site to meet Google’s new way to ranking
2. The Ant Morphinator software to optimize anchor text with a few clicks
3. A live Masterclass on low-cost page 1 ranking
4. WP BlazingSpeed, a training video series on how to improve WordPress site rankings by improving their page load speed.

If you want to discover his 5-step plan for niche domination (and get software that helps implement it), check out his new training here: Ant Metamorphosis

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