People who come to your site and immediately click away are bad for your sales. Obviously, they don’t buy anything, but it’s worse than that. When Google sees that quick departure, its algorithm downgrades your site, so you drift lower in the search results and as a result, get fewer clicks in the future.

So, for multiple reasons, you want people to stay longer on your site. Marc Renaud has created a new WordPress plugin that will help you increase your site’s “stickiness”, its ability to hold people’s attention and prolong their visit. He calls it Engagematic.

Pictures can attract people to your site, but they should do more than just look pretty; they should add to your monetization. Reneaud’s new plugin let’s you insert markers to indicate hot spots in a picture (they look like the markers in Google Maps). When the visitor hovers the mouse over the marker, a “tooltip” bubble is displayed.

The tooltip could hold text, an image, a video or even an opt-in form. You can have multiple hot spots in a single picture. His example is a clothing catalog. Hover over the model’s jeans, and see more information about them. Hover over her sweater, and see more information about it. You can imagine many uses for this flexible technology, depending on the context.

When visitors interact with your image content, they find your site more interesting. It keeps their attention and they are more likely to take action.

When you use Engagematic, you should find:
• Visitors stay longer on your site
• More visitors buy, opt-in or download; whatever your desired action is.
• Viral sharing of your content
• Better monetization of your site

Redaud is offering three licenses: single site, 5 site and unlimited sites, well under $10, $20 and $30, respectively.

See the plugin in action here: Engagematic

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