Backlinks are still important ingredients for an SEO strategy, but they need to have diversity. Not all from forums; not all from blog comments; etc. To impress the search engines, it’s important for your links to come from a range of sites around the web.

Stephen Hawkins has created Link Robot Express to manage your backlinking campaigns.

It will create Your web 2.0 accounts, Article Directory accounts, and social media accounts (more than 45 in all) automatically. And you can add in other sites, too.

Then as you have new content that needs backlinking, it will send posts to those accounts linking to your site.

In addition, if you want to curate content from other sites, it does automatic article scraping using the built-in scraper, so you can add your own content and then publish.

If you want to publish actual articles to your social media accounts, you can use Link Robot Express to spin them before you do.

The comprehensiveness of this solution is remarkable. It even automates your email responses when a verification email arrives for your new social account.

There are many other features in this solution that will simplify your backlinking even more. Check out the whole story here: Link Robot Express

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