David Coss (he calls himself Cossack) has announced Komenz, which he describes as a “social comments syndicator”.

Whenever anyone makes a comment on your account on a major social network about your site, this software will copy it to all your accounts on other social networks so that you get the maximum leverage from it. It supports, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WordPress.

The result of spreading people’s comments around like this is that a lot more people see these recommendations, and there’s a possibility that your content will become viral.

For example, if someone posts a comment on Facebook, Google Plus and the other networks receive a post saying something to the effect of “There’s a new comment on Facebook. [a snippet from the post goes here] Check it out here.” You control the text that is used.

When the software builds these posts, it can filter bad language (you specify what is removed), and it notifies you that it found some, so you can deal with the original as you choose.

Komenz integrates with Coss’s other plugin, advertised last week, Link Automatic.

Coss demonstrates this plugin in action and give additional details about it here: Komenz

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