Your site can take advantage of trending information posted by highly-ranked authority sites. These sites are major influencers in your niche. They the have the pulse of the niches and determine what many people in the niche are interested in.

If you identify the top sites in your niche and talk about the same things on your site that they talk about on theirs, you will be in the mainstream of the conversation people in your niche are having. Your relevance will grow, and your ranking in the search engines will, too.

You can even curate some of their content to make sure you stay on the same track they’re on.

After doing all this work, there’s more work to do to get your on-target content noticed. Create links to it from all around the web.

Unfortunately, although this is a winning strategy, there’s a lot of work involved; for one person, it’s just not practical to keep up with it on a regular basis. But now Lisa Allen has come to your aid with RSS Authority Sniper.

This software (built on Adobe AIR so it runs on both PCs and Macs) takes most of the effort out of your promotion strategy for your articles. With it, you can:
• Research the authority sites in your niche and the keywords that are most relevant
• Find content already ranking for your keywords and associate your content with it in Yahoo Pipes
• Get your content into Feedburner where Google will find it
• Get new content indexed by Google quickly

Allen has used this software in the homemade jewelry niche with great success. Her clients have done the same in other niches, too.

Whether you have a website, a blog or even a YouTube video, RSS Authority Sniper can boost your ranking, and speed up the traffic Google search sends you.

Allen is in the middle of her launch and is offering a lifetime license to this powerful software. It comes in two versions, one for a single computer; another (for people with outsourcers assisting them) for yourself and for 4 more computers for your outsourcers.

The introductory price will rise so check it out and get your own copy quickly here: RSS Authority Sniper

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