Jeff Walker released his third training video Friday. And he is offering a free downloadable blueprint for product launches along with the free video.

Walker is getting ready for his new launch and he wants you to understand why, for training in product launches, he is the “go to” expert for dozens of industry leaders and well as hundreds of other internet marketers.

Watch his third video and download his printable training right away; there’s a link right below the video. He usually withdraws is free information after he launches.

And he launches the latest edition of Product Launch Formula later today.

There’s not much more than this to say: Walker is the premiere trainer for product launches. He gives you so much training that he says you can mess up most of the steps and still have a successful launch.

Use the free blueprint he is giving you for any product you launch. If you need more training, his fourth video, available later today, will explain what he has for sale.

Remember, Walker has been refining Product Launch Formula since 2005, when he first launched it. You are getting the benefit of these 8 years of research and refinement in this latest version.

Watch video 3, download your blueprint, and it 2 PM EDT, watch the fourth video explaining his product here: Product Launch Formula

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