Brad Callen has released new software (AK Elite) to help authors and publishers create books that will sell nicely on Kindle.

Unlike offline bookstores with their hard copy books, Kindle is wide open for new authors and publishers. And don’t let the label “publisher” bother you. Hire someone to ghost write a book for you; that makes you a publisher.

Many marketing consultants tell you that the first step to selling a lot of Kindle books is getting reviews. Reviews are certainly helpful, but Callen says they aren’t necessary to get top ranking. If you understand why the current top books are at the top, you can displace them.

His new software will analyze all of the top ranked books for each keyword to see why they were ranking where they were. You then choose the keywords your book promotion targets based on the research that the software uncovers.

If you fully analyze the top ranked books and reverse engineer the features that they excel in, your book can rank high without a single review.

You can use AK Elite to monitor the rankings for each of your keywords. It stores the results, so you can compare them in a neat line graph, as time goes on.

This software can even help you do basic niche research. You’ll be able to find hot niches with low competition, so you can dominate that niche. This niche selection capability is helpful even if you intend to market other things.

Create a book, get a few sales, and let Amazon promote it for you while you work on your next book. Callen give a detailed explanation of his software here: AK Elite

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