Rob Tierney has released his Simple Video Spin System, a process to refresh old videos, changing them enough that they qualify as new and fresh.

That’s important because people understand more of what you say in videos than they do for you printed text. Making the video fresh again means more people will see it and respond to it.

If you have quality videos that are now collecting dust, this is the way to get new life into them. The new versions can target different keywords than the originals so you can bring in a whole new group of searchers.

Along with the training, you get 4 short “Call to Action” videos that you can add to the spun videos to make them more effective.

There’s a bonus that shows you the best SEO practices for YouTube videos; it can enhance your success even more.

There’s one more bonus, too; check out the sales page to learn about it and the rest of the package. You can see it all here: Simple Video Spin System

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