Jeremy Schoemaker’s latest blog post is titled “Killing It With Lead Gen – A Step By Step Guide”.

Schoemaker says, “If you are not familiar with the guys over at IMGRIND its run by a super affiliate and the owner of one of the successful affiliate networks out there.  They have a paid forum that contains step by step walk throughs and posts that honestly are priceless.

This is not some promotional post and I am not being compensated in anyway other then them giving me the permission to make this post public.  In fact they currently have over 1500 members and as you can see on their signup page they are pretty picky about new people coming in.  Its the best money I ever spent and if you are currently an affiliate in anyway shape or form you should apply or reach out to a friend that is a member to get in”.

Killing It With Lead Gen – A Step By Step Guide

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