You don’t have to do all the work for your new Kindle book yourself. There are excellent workers available for all phases of producing your book.

In today’s environment, you can do the work that you enjoy doing and outsource the rest. There are five stages of book production:
• Research to determine the best topic (the one to most likely generate sales) in your niche and the outline for your book.
• Write the book
• Get the cover and other artistic elements designed
• Get your book formatted according to the Kindle specifications
• Promote your book

There are expert freelancers who can do all of that for you (or any parts you choose.)

Tim Castleman has just released the KD Outsourcing Rolodex, his guide to finding the best freelancers for your book.

He has included 45 outsourcers with various technical skills. He includes complete contact information. Plus, you get two databases listing experienced ghostwriters.

Castleman says these are the top 1 percent of freelancers, with a proven track record. They consistently deliver the project you assign them on-time or early.

To help you get the most from the freelancers you hire, Castlemen is including the exact instructions he uses to instruct each type of freelancer, so they will know just what you need.

Find out all about this training here: KD Outsourcing Rolodex

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