ClickBank has a huge selection of digital products, far almost any niche you might want to market in. But you have to choose one to promote from among the many available products. Which one will et the most sales and bring in the most income?

It’s a tricky task to find the right product to maximize your earnings. Clickbank’s “gravity” measurement helps but it’s not enough to pick the best option. A marketer named Diego discovered that adding the product developer’s Alexa rank into the calculation (in an unusual way) gave much better profit for affiliates because it identifies products that are easier to sell.

Diego has created a new CB Package to help you identify these easy-to-sell products so you can focus on products that people find attractive,and not have to pick at random.

The main component of Diego’s offer is an Excel spreadsheet, listing over 400 ClickBank products that sell well. For each product, the spreadsheet lists:
• The ClickBank product ID
• The domain name for the product, along with its Alexa rank
• The product gravity
• Earnings per sale
• Several more relevant values

This is fresh data, just created last week, so you won’t have to worry about conditions changing since publication.

Because this is a spreadsheet, you can sort, filter and manipulate the data any way you choose (for example, only show products in a niche you are interested in.)

He includes information about the keywords that are driving the most traffic to the product sales page. Us this to help plan your marketing strategy after you have selected the products based on the technical and personal criteria you choose.

This information is available for a limited time here: CB Package

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