Google has made it quite clear that the quality of your links matters a whole lot more than the quantity. WArrior Faraaz has just released Untapped Authority Backlinks to help you find and benefit from authority sites that are willing to favor you with links. And he is specifically looking for authority sites that people aren’t yet overrunning looking for backlinks.

For example, few people get links from sites specializing in infographics. But many of these sites have (and can bring to your site) significant authority. Faraaz shows you how to find these sites, how to build infographics (using free tools) and save them on the sites for backlinking.

Another example is expired high PR domains. They can bring you authority. Faraaz shows you how.

There are several other types of Untapped Authority Backlinks explained in this e-book. All of them potential tools that can boost the authority of your own site.

Currently, the price is under $8, but it is rising, so look into it right away here: Untapped Authority Backlinks

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