Rick Raddatz is a marketer respected by many marketers. He is responsible for Instant teleseminar as well as several other innovative marketing tools.

For a month, now, his new tool, Profit Profit Profit, has been advertised in the sidebar of IM NewsWatch. It has been in pre-launch for this time. Now, it’s ready for launch.

Since Raddatz has a history of launching breakthrough products that help small business owners, this new product has gained a lot of attention.

To kick off the launch, Rick is doing a live teleseminar tonight, Thursday, August 1st, at 9 PM EDT (6PM Pacific) that will explain everything. Among the hundreds of other attendees, IMNW will be represented at the webinar.

Rick’s presentations are always informative and easy to follow. Combined with his knowledge of software development and the needs of small businesses, this should be a worthwhile event.

To attend, please click on this link and register for tonight’s live event: Rick Raddatz’s new ProfitProfitProfit

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