Having a human presenter to welcome a visitor to your site is far more attention-getting than text or even a normal video. Haydee is an attractive presenter who can share your client’s message whenever someone comes to their site. She’s one of 11 available, both men and women. You can see them all here.

There are prerecorded presentations for several niches (real estate, plumbing, etc.), with more to come. In addition, for a reasonable fee, Haydee or one of the other 10 models can present a custom message in a professional, appealing way, just as they do on this page.

Haydee, Amber, Bill or other of the others will create more click-throughs and traffic than any other link, banner or promotion currently running on any webpage.

You simply add a few lines of code to any webpage and you’ll have ‘Haydee’ or her kin on your client’s website, ready to make more sales.

There’s been a lot of talk recently about “pattern interrupts”, unexpected actions that cause a visitor to stop and take notice. Haydee is certainly that. Maybe she can help your clients, as she has many others.

You have a chance to be a seller of these video presentations, both the pre-recorded ones and the custom “bespoke” ones. The company recording these videos is looking for resellers.

You can build a business offering these on-site presentations and all the machinery will be hidden from your clients. You are simply outsourcing the work to a professional recording studio.

The start-up costs are minimal. The profit potential is large. It’s your business; you set the prices.

You can find out more here: Haydee, The Presenter Lady

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