Dr. Ron Capps has a service for marketers building their websites and, behind the scenes, building websites for their clients (leaving the client paycheck and admiration to go to the marketer.)

His sites are, by no means, “bare bones”. They can be setup with a theme for many offline niches and they are full of helpful features for site management and for helping the owner build sales. Normally, his sites are $1995. But during his 66th birthday celebration he is offering a special deal for a limited time.

The sites ready to go; just insert the appropriate client information. Deliver the site to your client, or if you get it for yourself, start using it.

Nearly anything you could imagine doing with your website is included, and Capps is offering limited additional features, not mentioned on his sales page, for those who need them. (Just ask in your setup phone call.) Included are things like:
■ Run webinars from your site
■ Manage Google+ Hangouts from your site
■ Run a membership program from your site
■ Launch & Manage Unlimited Blogs from your site
■ Do advanced Social Promotion from the site
■ Monitor Social Activity & Comments mentioning the site
■ Employ a Rewards-based Optin System for the site
■ Create a store for eCommerce on the site

That’s just the beginning. This site can be molded to fit almost any imaginable need.

This $1995 site is available for just $496 during the Birthday Bonanza sale here: Turnkey Niche Website on Sale. This will let you get client sites up and running quickly, so you can put the final touches on it. When you have your setup call with Ron, just tell him the niche. He may be able to include graphics specific to that niche.

But,wait, there’s an additional discount if you want the site for yourself. For the next 2 weeks, through the end of July 2013, : Turn-key site for you

is available for $349. Use it as a demo of what you have to offer, of course, as well as marketing your other services. And buy the resale offer when you get a new client, charging them whatever you want (e.g., $1995) to put the final touches on the site.

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