Jeremy Schoemaker’s latest blog post is titled “Why are you spending so much time being pissed off at Google?”.

Schoemaker says, “Hit up any search industry or affiliate conference and you can’t walk more than two steps without someone complaining about Google. Whether it’s “not provided” data missing from Google Analytics, the demise of the public AdWords keyword tool, getting hit with the ban hammer, or a suspended AdWords or Adsense account, there is always something for people to bitch about.

Then think about this. What benefit does bitching or being pissed off at Google actually do?  Bitching probably won’t make you any money – Google probably already took that away if you are pissed at them.  But if people took 1% of the energy they spent being mad at Google and put it into something constructive, like say creating original content or strategizing out a new website or brand, they would be more successful and make more money”.

Why are you spending so much time being pissed off at Google?

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