Sean Donahoe has been busy. In February, he launched PingFresh, which sold over 3000 copies, including upgrades. In May, he launched Promote Me Pro, which also sold over 3000 copies, including upgrades.

Donahoe is a major figure in our industry. His successful products speak volumes about his expertise.

On July 15, Donahoe is launching his next blockbuster product, Rapid Content Wizard, game-changing software for the professional marketer.

This powerful new desktop content creator does its work automatically:
* Creates great new content with automatic scheduling
* Serves up relevant new posts as often as you want
* Supports programmable post creation and scheduling
* As a result, it keeps your sites fresh and new all the time

Check out the Live demo here and get all the info you need:

With Rapid Content Wizard, you are able to create Unlimited high-quality content on autopilot. And Donahoe says Google loves it.

Are you losing traffic and ranking because your content isn’t top-quality. With Donahoe’s new tool, that should no longer be a problem.

If you have tried other content curation tools and have not been adequate, Rapid Content Wizard may be your answer.

As so often in the case, there will be a lot of hoopla leading up to the announcement on Monday. As there is more news, IM NewsWatch will keep you informed.

For now, just take a look at Donahoe’s introductory video and get on his early bird list here: Rapid Content Wizard

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