Jeremy Schoemaker’s latest blog post is titled “Lil Productivity tip and ShoeMoney June Recap”.

Schoemaker says, “Seems like I say this every month but June went fast as crap.  Did it for you?   Sometimes I find that if I get out of my office during the day I am so much more productive.  Even if its just Starbucks or something.  I will get everything on my task list and its only been an hour or so.

The PAR Program continues to grow as expected.  We keep hitting our 5 client per month cap and have several on deck (signed 2 this morning).   We only take on 5 clients per month just because I want to ensure we maintain the level of service we provide and with me doing all the copyrighting/consulting there is only so much bandwidth”.

Lil Productivity tip and ShoeMoney June Recap

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