All the training documents on physical product marketing have been released now. Here is where you can get them:

Brown Box Formula: Brown Box Report

Brown Box Formula: Brown Box Report

Brown Box Formula: CRYSTL Software

Get CRYSTL Software

Brown Box Formula: Market Checklist

Market Checklist

Brown Box Formula: Wholesale Only Report

Get Wholesale Only Report

They are all free, but they will be available for a limited time, so don’t wait.

As mentioned yesterday, they are giving away this helpful information to show you their expertise, so that when they offer their new product, you will be inclined to buy.

But that’s strictly up to you. Take the free resources and put them to use. They will improve your marketing, regardless of whether you are interested in their product launch or not.

Here’s those download links again:

: Brown Box Formula: Brown Box Report

: Get CRYSTL Software

: Get Market Checklist

: Get Wholesale Only Report

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