There were two major product introductions yesterday, one for Amazon affiliates and the other for any marketer who wants to use webinars as a marketing channel.

In the first day, one has already sold over 1000 copies, and the other is approaching that milestone.

Both are built by major industry names, backed by years of success, as well as remarkable money-back guarantees. And both will have an increasing price over the next few days.

If either of these pieces of software meets a need for you, don’t wait. Check out the specifications and make a decision quickly, before the price rises.

Special Sale 1: Premium Webinar Platform, Powered by Google Hangouts

Who will win the contest between Google Hangouts and GoToWebinar? If you pay attention, you will be the winner.

Have you see Google Hangouts yet?

Google has created a powerful platform that is a game-changer. The high-priced webinar services are going to lose a lot of clients, particularly from among the small businesses that have been struggling to pay their monthly fees.

With Google Hangouts, you can:
• File Share with Attendees
• Screen-share, Video Calls/Conferencing
• Instant Messaging
• Live Streaming
• Integration with other Google Apps

And now you can conduct Webinars using Google Hangouts.

Find out how, here: Webinar Express

There’s a new WordPress Plugin that takes all the power of Google Hangouts and builds a full-blown Webinar Platform around it.

It’s called Webinar Express and it is changing the way that marketers conduct webinars.

Included in Webinar Express are:
■ Customizable High-Converting Registration Templates
■ Autoresponder Integration
■ Facebook Connect Registration Option
■ Q&A Management for Admins
■ Video Feed Embed (ie: Google Hangouts)
■ Unlimited Attendees
■ Replay Templates w/ Countdown Timer
■ Call to Action Buttons when you need them
■ In-Webinar Social Sharing
■ and much more.

All this power is in Webinar Express.

Why would you pay anyone hundreds of dollars every month for a webinar solution, when you can grab a copy of Webinar Express at a one-time price that has even been discounted in a Launch Day sale?

You can use it to leverage all of the features of Google Hangouts and say good-bye to GoToWebinar.

Warning: This is only a 7-day special where you can grab Webinar Express at a 70% discount.

So check out the demo and once you see the power this WordPress plugin provides, grab your copy today here: Webinar Express

Special Sale 2: New, easy Amazon affiliate store tool, Covert Store Builder

 Covert Store Builder is the key to building Amazon affiliate sites that are fully functional from day 1 and are self-optimizing as time goes on.

This new WordPress theme is designed to attract trafiic from Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter automatically.

With this theme on your site, you can create beautiful ads for Amazon products complete with pictures, and the best part is that you don’t have to write a single word on that page yourself (but you can if you want to.) Your whole store is filled with products and information content imported straight from Amazon and other affiliate networks.

You can customize your store any way you want. For example:
• You can set a custom header or background image (or background color).
• You can edit any color, anywhere on your blog, with the simple point & click color selector tool.
• You can turn the widget-ready sidebars on or off and show them on the left or right or neither.
• You can change the text on all your menus, categories, buttons etc.
• You can select how to order your posts on the front page and you can exclude/include posts and categories.

As you might suspect, Covert Store Builder is both highly flexible (customizable) in meeting your needs, and unusually powerful because of the many built-in tools. For example, by default it will automatically show the most popular products at the top of your store.

Straight out of the box, Covert Store Builder comes with all the functionality of big e-commerce sites that you look up to.

Beginning at 11 AM EDT, on June 7, 2013, the price will start rising in a dime-sale. So go as quickly as you can to find out more and then get your own copy here: Covert Store Builder.

Both these blockbuster products come with bonuses from IM NewsWatch. You can see those bonuses in the original posts for these products: Webinar Express original post and Covert Store Builder original post.

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