There has been a lot of buzz about solo ads lately. And with good reason; if bought from a source that is aligned well with the product/service you want to sell, you can get a good return on your investment.

But it isn’t a cookie-cutter process. An ad needs to be appropriate for the list that receives it, and the list needs to be appropriate for your product. Sean Mize has experimented and researched how to use solo ads most productively. And, now, he shares what he has found.

Mize has just announced his new Solo Ad Training, and it is based on the latest research and real-life experience on what’s working today to get you subscribers through solo ad marketing.

In it, Mize shows you:
• Exactly where to find the email lists that have not been battered with solo ad offers, so they are still receptive.
• How to approach list owners in your niche so that they will be willing to mail for you
• How to get out of rat race and start placing solo ads that get real subscribers
• How to start making real sales from your solo ads
• How to make solo ad marketing profitable
• Step-by-step, how to find solo ads that really perform
• And much, much more

Solo ads are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get quality subscribers fast – if you do it right. Mize tells you what has worked for him, so you can avoid the costly mistakes that many marketers make.

The price, which is currently under $11.50, is rising. You can get your copy here: Solo Ad Training From Sean Mize

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