Some people try to make money from fads and short-term trends. These can bring in some income, but it isn’t stable; soon people stop caring about that fad and move on to another one. For stable income, you need to market in an “evergreen” niche, one that has staying power; one that will be important as long as there are people with problems and concerns.

You can best benefit from the evergreen niches by viewing each prospective customers as someone you can help during a long-term relationship. Invite them to be members of your exclusive website, where they will find a continuing supply of helpful content for their needs.

Andrew Hunter has studied the process for building a successful membership website and shares the process in terms even a technical beginner can understand in Evergreen Niche Membership Sites.

If you want to build a membership site, Hunter’s detailed explanation of the steps will simplify your work. In Evergreen Niche Membership Sites, you get:
• His 27 page guide
• His mind-map to summarize all the steps
• Videos covering each of the 7 steps
• The Member Sonic Lite WordPress plugin, designed to make it easy to build a multi-level membership site

This whole package is only $9.95 here for a limited time: Evergreen Niche Membership Sites

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