British marketer Steve Peters Benn has been building his expertise for years and has become particularly expert in selling on the Warrior Forum. For example, since 2009, he has launched over 40 special offers and many of them have been designated “WSOs of the Day”.

Benn has just released his training on how you can use the Warrior Forum for your own marketing: Special Offer Gold. He describes it as “The Most Popular, Effective and Ethical launch system out there.”

Warrior Forum has lots of members who are there for the purpose of buying useful training and software. They have their wallet ready for the next thing that will help them. However, they are also wary because they have been disappointed by many of their prior purchases, so they tend to be cautious about what they buy. Special Offer Gold shows you how to position yourself and your product so that you will attract their attention and earn their trust.

Benn says he has eventually succeeded at marketing on the Warrior Forum because he tried and failed so many times (he created hundreds of products and wrote hundreds of sales letters for them). But he was smart enough to do tracking and split testing so that eventually he found a process that works. That’s what he shares with you in Special Offer Gold so you don’t have to explore the blind alleys he went down.

Benn offered a version of Special Offer Gold before and it became a best seller. Now he has re-written it for the conditions in 2013.And it is now a WSO for about $16 (although the price is rising.)

Benn includes:
• The new 170-page manual,
• A Headline creation application so you can create a sales page that converts
• Cheat sheets, case studies and tutorials
• Other aids to help you copy his success

This is only on sale for 7 days. For the best price, go here now: Special Offer Gold

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