This is the third in the series of Mastery e-books by Shelley Owens:
* Book 1 is QR Code Mastery
* Book 2 is Mobile Marketing Mastery

Like the others, it is written to help even a newcomer understand an important and somewhat technical subject without requiring you to become a tech wizard.

When you finish this training, you will understand the role Google Plus plays in marketing. There is a special emphasis on Google Plus Local and its importance for local merchants.

This training is helpful for marketing consultants who need to explain to their clients why Google Plus is important to their business. It’s also a useful read for online marketers who don’t have a local presence. It shows that even Google Plus Local has benefits for you if you are an MLM marketer or online marketer working from home.

Google Plus lets a business have an ongoing conversation with its customers. What kind of conversation should you have and how do you accomplish it? This training answers these questions. It reminds you, too, that a conversation has two sides, and Google Plus is designed to provide that two-way flow of information.

Google Plus is ideal for small businesses. If you are your clients are looking for marketing communications support, it’s a good place to start.

If you have never used Google Plus, this e-book can be your guide. It gives you a bird’s eye view, as well as a more detailed view to provide guidance all along the way.

You can get more information, as well as your own copy, here: Google Mastery

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