Chris Munch released his LoveClaw plugin about a month ago. It lets you get more social media links to your content by encouraging people to share their opinions.

LoveClaw Emotional Traffic Technology has proven to be more powerful at pulling Social Votes, encouraging Social Engagement and getting Content Shared across the web even more effectively than Facebook’s own Like Button.

To help people take full advantage of LoveClaw, Munch has a webinar scheduled on Thursday, May 23, when he presents a new way of looking at and using LoveClaw.

On The Live Webinar Munch will Be Showing:
• How to rank for $1000 keywords and get Page Rank without building any links.
• Using massive traffic bursts to sell your sites for more.
• How to always be able to get free traffic on demand by following simple little methods.
• Plus a 7 Figure Traffic Case Study

Even if you didn’t buy LoveClaw, you will get a lot out of this webinar.

You can sign up here: LoveClaw Unlimited Webinar

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