Curation is adding the creative work by other people in your niche to your site in a way the:
• Gives the author credit and keeps them happy
• Impresses the search engines with your expertise in your niche
• Builds your site with only a fraction of the work of creating content from scratch.

Dilip Kumar has created Blog Curation Blueprint to show you how you can create an authority site in your niche using other people’s content.

In this new training, you get all the information you need to create a curated blog in your niche:
■ Researching an choosing a niche
■ Uncovering the important keywords in your chosen niche, keywords that will form the hooks that will attract readers
■ Choosing plugins and WP theme for your blog
■ Finding and curating content for your blog
■ Using a free tool that makes it simple to create compelling posts.
■ Monetizing your curated blog with affiliate offers.
■ More curation secrets.

If you realize the value of a popular blog, you will want to understand more about curation. Blog Curation Blueprint is your guide to this profitable field.

Get your copy here for $17.50, currently, although the price is rising: Blog Curation Blueprint

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